bird of passage

decoding myself

Sunday, June 19, 2005


My friends call me BJ but I was born named as Ajmal Khan. It’s supposed to mean the beautiful king, something really to ponder. I am not related to Shah Rukh Khan or any other Khans you see in Bollywood films. I am also not a descendent of Gengkhis Khan or Kublai Khan. Heck, no one in my family even has the word Khan in their name.

I started bird of passage hoping it will serve as a métier of self reflection for me and something for me to look back later in life.

I am working towards getting to do whatever I want in life. I am a software consultant (con + insult). I never studied anything related to IT or computer science, hence testifying my gypping skills. Nevertheless, I get the pleasure telling people that they are screwed up. I hope retiring to education & research by the age of 35 and to have my very own restaurant.

I am obsessed with music but I don’t put it on all the time. I don’t believe in imposing my music to others. It’s like religion; you respect mine, I respect yours. I am, however, very selective as to what music I am so passionate about. Am I a musical snob, like those listen to classical music and think everyone else is a twat. No, I don’t think so; I just appreciate good music. I listen to Hendrix, Dylan, Morrison, Queen, Beatles, The Who, Zeppelin and the list goes on. But I do appreciate new music but not those mainstream artistes like Britney or Backstreet Boys. I am also an avid fan of Jazz. The likes of Chet Baker, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker always brings the mood on. I am also interested in Cuban Jazz where the likes of Ibrahim Ferrer and Tito Puente always bring in the swing.

On top of listening, I actually do play some music. Not at a professional level but enough to amuse myself. I can play the guitar, the bass and the trumpet. Nowadays, I am venturing into percussions. Due to the demanding nature of my work, now I am reduced into a mere audience. Apart from that I am heavily indulged into performing arts, mainly theater and music. Forget dance, it’s a form of art that I will never get it. It’s just not in me.

Cooking serves as life’s little pleasure for me. I love cooking a feast for my friends and they love it too. Usually I will never serve anything less than a five course meal! I am quite an eccentric cook. I fret anyone who requests for Chili Sauce or Ketchup. I don’t believe in condiments that are not meant for the food. Cooking for me is also a form of art. I don’t usually remake what others have done. I prefer to create my masterpiece and I hate it when people ask me to redo what I did before. How would Michelangelo feel if you ask him to recreate David? And never ask for recipe from me; not that I don’t want to share, I just don’t have one. I cook by instinct. I think I am blowing my own trumpet, but hey, sometimes narcissism is necessary.

I try to make time for some reading usually fiction that involves character conflicts. Nowadays I am really interested in Asian authors as their story is closer to me personally. I’m also a big fan of Nick Hornby who I think sounds like me. I do like other authors but I’m more focused on the work rather than the author itself. Nick Hornby is an exception.

I love to travel and experience the foreign culture first hand but lately work has been killing and did not manage to get out. I really need to reconsider my priorities. I hate traveling on those fix packages. I’m more of a free and easy traveler. No specific plan, just go where the wind brings me. Planning a backpacking trip to Cambodia, but yet to materialize.

Finally, I am also a sports freak, both as a spectator and participator. Up for any game except sepak takraw. I just could not handle that game. I am also a fanatic Liverpool fan. Other than that I don’t exactly support anyone or any other teams.


BJ, 12:00 AM