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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

I have been having Grey's Anatomy kinda incidents for the past few days. Doctors have always been an off-limit area for me for no apparent reason. I never knew cute doctors existed especially in Malaysia.

Incident #1

My uncle fell off the stairs and started to have seizures. This is definitely not the best opening for such a post. So I had to become the hero and bring him to the hospital in an ambulance. It's my first time in a freaking ambulance and it's definitely not as dramatic as pictured in the idiot box. Anyway, as soon as we arrived, we headed straight to the trauma/resuscitation room. The nurses prepared everything and bang came this cute intern. I was speechless for like few seconds as whatever she said just went out the other way. She noticed that and started to blush a bit. Then I snapped out of it when the doctor came and asked bunch of things which I have no clue. I was thinking of my strategy, how to appear concerned at the same time maintaining some contact with her. I know, this is definitely not my proudest moment but what the heck, you never know when opportunity knocks. Anyway, nothing really happened because she had to attend other patients and the nurses kicked me out from the room. Maybe it was too obvious.

Incident #2

My bunnies have been infected with ear mites for some time and it was about time I bring in to my vet. Usually it's my gay Dr. Ismail who attends most of the time. But this time Dr. Ismail decided to take a long leave and left two cute doctors to be in charge. I hope that becomes permanent. As she was checking, she asked some questions of the bunnies' sex life. I don't know the relevance of the sex life and the ear mites but hey, I'm not the doctor. I made some remarks which I presume to be funny as she blushed and even gave me a gentle slap on the wrist. The bad news is the bunnies are badly infected. So I need to bring in for treatment every week. Wait a minute, that's good news! I hope Dr. Ismail extends his vacation, at least until the one month treatment is over. Having a pet has its reward.

BJ, 9:55 AM