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Monday, September 03, 2007

Where Have I Been - Part 3b - Sunday Bloody Sunday

After a good nights sleep, we woke up all fresh and dandy. Yeah right! The pub right next to the hotel kind of kept me awake for some times plus the jet lag.

After another morning of dreadful English breakfast, we headed down to Albert Docks to check out the Beatles Museum. The weather decided not to kind on us. It was a cold breeze day, and everytime the wind blows, we would just froze up for few seconds. The bright idea of walking to Albert Docks was not a great one. But we did get to see the depressing side of Liverpool, the abandoned buildings and stuff. On the other side, there were works going around since Liverpool was awarded to be the Cultural Capital of Europe for Year 2008. With this award, then town gets some money to built some stuff. I don't really understand what it actually means.

After finally arriving at the musuem, I was relieved at the touch of warm air. Bought our tickets and went through the whole place. The whole thing took almost an hour and a half with audio tour provided as part of the ticket charge. On the way out, grabbed some stuff from the gift shops. I went sort of crazy but we are not discussing this.

After that, we continued our walk to Mathew Street where it all started. The cold kinda numbed my senses and I was able to fully soak in the magnitude of the area into my brain. Then we headed back to the hotel and checked out to drive to Manchester(belch). My friend decided to drive us there even though we already had tickets to Liverpool and he came all the way from London. It was relatively a short ride like an hour or so. First stop was the wretched Old Trafford. My travelling mate and friend are both Man U fans and I had to force myself into the stadium. Its definitely bigger and better than Anfield but wait till Stanley Park is ready. We took the last guided tour,and my friend managed to slip in to the guide that we went to the match and I was a Liverpudlian. No frenzy mob attack happened. Only some banters! Then we headed to our hotel, went to have dinner at some place we remotely have clue as we just walked randomly towards some lights. We had to take the cab back as we had no idea where we were. But that whole surrounding area was cool and we had good pub food.

Then we headed back to the hotel. Time to sleep as we had to wake up at 3:30AM so that we can make it to our flight 6:00AM to Milan, Italy. Well Bergamo actually, we were cheapskates so had to take the budget airlines which landed in Bergamo which is like an hour and a half from Milan.

I pitied my friend who had to drive back to London all by himself and go to work the next morning.

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