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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Where Have I Been - Part 3 - Whirlwind Tour of Europe

The next leg of journey took me to Europe, particularly England, Italy & France. This whole thing started as a chat between two footie fanatics; me the fanatic Liverpool fan and my friend the die-hard Red Devil’s worshipper. I coyly suggested that we should go catch the Liverpool - Man Utd game at least once in a lifetime. While I was telling this, I opened up the browser, showed the schedule and even managed to get the travel package and stuff related.
Then he asked, why not? That struck my head! Yeah, why not! Called the travel agent, made arrangements and boom we are on the way there. I decided that we should extend the opportunity and check out Italy and France too. It was a hell of schedule. Pretty much like 10 cities in 10 days. The list goes like this:

Day 1 – London, Liverpool
Day 2 – Liverpool
Day 3 – Manchester
Day 4 – Milan
Day 5 – Pisa, Florence
Day 6 – Rome
Day 7 – Paris
Day 8 – Paris, London
Day 9 – London

Frankly, I would NOT suggest taking this path ever again. I am Not in freaking college anymore. I am supposed to take more time to dwelve around and absorb the atmotsphere more. No, did I do that? I decided to have my own amazing race. Waking up like 4am to catch the first train or plane to my next destination. If it’s not for the Italian Espresso that wakes you up till your spine and the eye candies, I would have been dead.


BJ, 8:40 PM