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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where Have I Been - Part 2 - From Here the Ball Rolls

The week before the New Year I was going out of my mind. Bored to death and the blues kicked in too. So I decided to visit my mates in Jakarta. Haven't seen them in ages. I decided to travel in style for once. So be it KLM had a nice business class package to jakarta with Mulia hotel part of the deal. Supposedly the most luxurious hotel in Jakarta.

My mother wasn't too thrilled about me going to Jakarta at that point of time as it was Hari Raya Haji. Not that we have a huge celebration at home and I'll be missing all the action. Usually I will be falling asleep by 11 morning of boredom.

Usually I stay in my friend's place in when I visit them but I think nowadays I have grown out from crashing into other people's place unless you are visiting places like London or Paris where ringgit is just like small chump. Hahaha. Third world countries is the place for you to live like royalty.

I reach Jakarta and my friend decided to crash in with me in my room. The reason being, he is just plain unpredictable and no one can actually understand why he does things. My explanation to all is that too much dope during his younger days fried his brain cells.

The best part of the trip was there was no itinerary. I just wanted to chill. So we called a couple people in for drinks and spur of the moment, a roadtrip to Bandung was on sight. Suddenly it was like college all over again. Random meetings, random outcomes.

Four days of randomness was the best. Something I really needed even though I had to leave to the comforts of Mulia to an almost-brothel like motel in Bandung. Don't ask why.

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