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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where Have I Been - Part 1

I have been relatively at large since end of last year. Well, I have always been relatively large and at large at the same time. Hahaha! Anyway, my excuse, always the same lame one. But this time I actually was not around for most of the time. I started my New Year in Jakarta. Then a business/leisure trip to many parts of Sarawak & Sabah. Right after that, a gruelling trip to Europe. 10 days 10 cities! After that was a family vacation trip to Langkawi thanks for Air Asia free tickets. Well, sort of free. Then another business/leisure trip to Perhentian Island. On top of it all I'm going to Bali next week.

I will try to post each of my escapades. So keep your fingers crossed that this post will keep on rolling.


BJ, 7:43 PM