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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Beijing, Beijing

I just came back from Beijing. OK that's a lie. I came back like a month ago. Anyway, these are some pics(220) from the trip. I didn't have the patience to upload all of them. They were just too many of them. This slide is the lazy version. If I have time(dream about it!), I will probably do a day-by-day travelogue.

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Beijing was city I would love to explore more. Just did not have the time to do it. Unlike KL, Beijing has its own soul. Something I want to get into more.

One thing about Beijing though, Beijingites have perfected the art of two-step spitting. The first step is to take a deep breath and collect as much sputum as they can. This is basically the time for you to run. Step two is to fire the collected sputum with as much force as possible, usually more to the left of the person. Don't get pissed if you are hit with one.
BJ, 10:34 AM