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Friday, September 15, 2006

Slow down

The other day I just found out that one of the books I was reading, Mistress of Spices, is already been adapted into a movie. First of all, I cannot imagine a book like that can be made into a movie. How the hell do you screenplay her island training part without too much fake settings. There is too much imagination involved. Secondly, please bloody wait till I finish reading the damn book! Well, the book itself is not exactly helping me.

Frankly the book is like a roller coaster ride. The best parts of the book were the chapters dealing with how the different spices could help the different customers. But I think Raven (her american love interest) is a dumb ass. The things he say, my gosh. It started out good and then slide into I don't know what.
BJ, 2:50 PM