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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Split Seconds

Having a seat in a music fest is like having tit-bits right after you smoked weed. It's priceless. In fact I had two and I was destined to put it to good use. I was scowering for worthy beings to be invited over. Finally, I saw two girls, pretty much without seats nor expecting anyone else. So the coast is clear for me to make my move. Plus, they were constantly checking me out; OK, the empty chairs. So that's even a clearer signal, time to move on. So after hoarding enough guts, I finally stood up, walked over to them. While I was walking, I made a last glance at the seats that will bring me to glory. Damn, my idiot friend gave it to some guy sitting in front of him. What an idiot! He gave it to another guy. I can see the disappointment in the girls' face swhen the seat was given away. I, to cover my face, pretended to make a phone call instead of talking to them. And I was talking to the air for at least a minute.

I am definitely surrounded by morons!
BJ, 4:46 PM