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Friday, July 15, 2005

They’ve done it

They have decided to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence. And they are going through a reality tv show; the search for an rock star. Damn, that was the last thing they kept away from and now they have invaded. I must admit that I am going to watch it. To explain why, it is because I like just about any show with people playing music. However, I do think that the idea is ludicrous and disrespectful.

Duke Levine, guitarist, recording artist: "If U2 lost Bono, would they try this? Maybe this gets INXS back in the public eye, and maybe they find someone really good. Still, the whole reality-show premise is completely bogus -- which sounds pretty much like the music business, come to think of it."

Michael Creamer, artist manager: "Truly morbid. I don't understand why the guys in the band would want to do it. Maybe to bring more attention to the group, but the concept is just bizarre. Nirvana went nowhere after Kurt Cobain died, and these guys aren't exactly Nirvana."

Seriously, does anyonw knows anybody other than Michael Hutchence from INXS. I admit they were it back then. Well, not exactly it.

Updated: I did watch the show and the outcome:

INXS could be more enthusiastic. Heck, they are looking for a replacement.
Dave Navarro sold out; lost whatever respect I had for him. Brooke Burke, one word; HOT
Contestants were talented but they were mere pop singers with distortion (read: posers)
One guy actually sang a Nirvana song. Two things, you don't sing Nirvana to broadcast voice talent and why you would sing a song by a guy who killed himself to audition for replacing a guy who killed himself? Ironic isn't it? And what's up with the Mohawk getup? The only 'bruther' had to do that!

I'll probably watch this crap anyway
BJ, 11:04 AM